Ed Corrado, Blues Rock, Rock, Rock and Roll

New Music with a Classic Rock Vibe

Ed Corrado is a Canadian artist from Toronto. His sound could be compared to the work of iconic bands, The Who, The Beatles, as well as The Clash. His music reflects the combination of powerful lyrics with astonishing melodic hooks and beautifully recorded instrumentals that speak to the audience.

His latest release Two Souls is about loneliness and the quest for love, and the delicate balance between love and personalities. It’s a sad yet energetic acoustic rock song.

Time is his third release. The track is a Rock and Roll celebration of aging and coming to terms with it. An uplifting rock song that juxtaposes the fear of getting older with the joy of watching children grow and mature.

His 2nd release, It's a Beautiful Day, was a nostalgic 80’s politically inspired rocker that looked at the indifference that was taking place in North America at the time.

His 1st release was a bluesy psychedelic rock song. Just Give Me a Call, was based on Joe Buck from Midnight Cowboy. The sexy and sultry groove countered its uncomfortable lyric.

What makes Ed Corrado stand out is the unique quality of his voice, which is melodic yet raspy and characterful, like a prized cask of perfectly aged whiskey. His timbre perfectly matches the hard-hitting instrumentals and the authenticity of his songwriting.